IMG_0825Thanks everybody!! I am really excited about the year to come!

I would like to thank the people who made this possible, to only cite a few otherwise it would be impossible. To my family thank you so much for the support and love. Dad, mum, Doudou and Nezha! You guys ROCK!! Thanks to my friends from Marrakech who made my time here so enjoyable and my golfer friends who always pushed me up to be a better player (Reda, Fayce, Cass, Amin, Fahd, Oto).

Thank you Lee Crombleholme for changing the way I think around a golf course. Thanks to Laurent Jockschies for the putting advices; I am definitely a much better putter now than I have ever been. Thank you Benoit Willemart for the great practices in Essaouira and the work on routine. Thank you to Gilles Plume and J.P Oudin for the work on my swing: it has been very difficult changes but it had to be done and I am a much consistent player now thanks to you guys. And mostly a special thank you to the man who got me into this game and made me the passionate player I am today.